Corporate On-Line TGRM™ Systems

X'Prime can host a TGRM™ system that your breeding decision-makers can access on-line. All data interfaces, analyses and reporting facilities are hosted by us, with your access via the TGRM™ Control Centre graphical user interface and the TGRM™ web portal. We maintain high levels of system security and data and user partitions to ensure your privacy and security while using TGRM™.

You can choose to use our standard system with existing functionality and data interfaces, or we can work with you to develop a more customised system.

A customised TGRM™ On-Line System could include:

  • Development of a customised data interface to streamline data preparation making use of TGRM™ on a regular basis more efficient, maintaining data integrity
  • Modification of mate selection functionality to make it work more effectively in your breeding business
  • Customised Look & Feel of TGRM™ web pages to reflect your corporate image
  • Hardware dedicated to your analysis processes
  • Training and support targeted to your people and your business

For further information about our On-Line TGRM™ Systems and how you can gain access to quickly begin using TGRM™ in your corporate breeding systems, please contact us at