Corporate In-House TGRM™ Systems

The TGRM™ system can be installed into your corporate IT systems, with X'Prime providing varying degrees of support depending upon your requirements. If your IT policies demand internal controls over data and systems, you should strongly consider the In-House system. Equally, integration with existing systems is made more direct and streamlined by taking the In-House TGRM™ option.

X'Prime can:

  • Help you assess the potential value of using TGRM™
  • Help you determine your TGRM™ requirements and recommend various system alternatives
  • Jointly develop a system configuration and implementation plan
  • Install the TGRM™ In-House System
  • Develop interfaces to your database to facilitiate data i/o
  • Develop extended functionality for your breeding systems
  • Prepare and participate in staff training
  • Provide system support and maintenance
  • Modify the existing web system Look & Feel to reflect your corporate image

For further information about our In-House TGRM™ Systems and how you can explore the use of TGRM™ in your corporate breeding systems, please contact us at