TGRM™ for Beef Breeding Programmes

TGRM™ can assist in making decisions about whom to select and how to mate them. An important part of this is to manage coancestry, which is highly related to how quickly inbreeding accumulates - we use the Theory of Optimal Contributions to do this. You can also minimise inbreeding in the progeny of matings, as well as manipulate how progeny could be distributed on their predicted mid-parent EBVs.

This short presentation gives an example of how TGRM™ can be used by beef breeders:

TGRM Beef Desires
View a TGRM™ Presentation for Beef

TGRM™ Beef Industry Service Providers

TGRM™ is being delivered to the following beef industries. Please refer to your industry to find a list of service providers.

If your industry is not represented here, please register your interest in TGRM™ by sending an email to Please indicate your industry and species. Providing us with more detailed information about your industry and species will help us to make a more informed response.