Total Genetic Resource Management™

TGRM™ is the most advanced mate selection service available in the world today.

X'Prime is now delivering the TGRM Mate Selection Service directly to breeders. Breeders should follow the "Individual" link to the left. . We currently deliver to Australian Sheep and Beef breeders and New Zealand Sheep and Beef breeders. You can find more information and download an information pack (as pdf) for details of the TGRM Mate Selection Service for your industry.

Read more about TGRM™ under "Description", and about Optimal Contributions Theory and inbreeding.

TGRM™ is leading edge mate selection software that implements Optimal Contributions Theory. Developed at the University of New England in conjunction with Meat & Livestock Australia, TGRM™ delivers state of the art animal breeding theory in a practical and useable software tool.

X'Prime is the sole commercialising agent of UNE and MLA for TGRM™. TGRM™ is available as an advisory service to breeders, an on-line solution for consultants and companies, or integrated as part of an in-house corporate breeding system.

See Description for general information about TGRM™ and mate selection and to view a demonstration of TGRM™ in action.

TGRM™ is available to individual breeders to in their breeding programs through licensed and accredited Service Providers. (More information for individual breeders...)

TGRM™ is also available to Corporate breeders and breeding service companies through a direct license to use TGRM™ or to provide a TGRM™ service as a licensed and accredited Service Provider. (More information for corporate breeders...)

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TGRM™ is exploited under licence from Meat & Livestock Australia Limited ABN 39 081 678 364 and the University of New England ABN 75 792 454 315.