Euribrid and the Nutreco Breeding Research Centre; partnering with X'Prime

Embarking upon partnered software development between X'Prime and Euribrid and the Nutreco Breeding Research Centre, we have combined the expertise of Euribrid and the Nutreco Breeding Research Centre and X'Prime in developing a tailored software breeding solution for Euribrid. Agile methods ensured timely delivery of value-laden software. The software was delivered on time, on budget, and exceeded expectations. Euribrid is very pleased with the software delivered by X'Prime, and in X'Prime's expertise in optimisation using advanced methodologies. The quality of the solution, ease of use and responsiveness to Euribrid's needs make this an exceptionally successful software development project.


Euribrid, the breeding division of Nutreco, is a division that comprises dedicated breeding companies, each focusing on its own species; broilers (Hybro), turkeys (Hybrid), pigs (Hypor), day-old chicks and hatching eggs (Plumex). The Euribrid companies are all member of the worldwide Nutreco Holding N.V. This group, which has some 11,000 employees, is commited to supporting global agiculture and aquaculture.